In English


Hi everyone! How’s it going?

I receive a lot of messages in English. Thank you for messages!

So, I charenge to write Blog in English.

I study English by Google translate and YouTube and Trolls!

Trolls:Poppy Scrap book story starting scene

I love Trolls. I recomend you if you are interested.

By the way, I will start my self introduction now!!

My hobby is Made accessories and Drawing a picture,

And to sing songs.

My English is not good. I’m sorry if you can’t understand.

I made this character “Unagi Shan”.

Unagi Shan is eel.

He often fails because He is not smart.

But He don’t care.

“Am I a loser?” “I can’t anything.”

It is not good to think too hard.

I can think outside the box when see Unagi Shan.

Anyways I like to drawing a picture.

YouTube,Instagram,Twitter!! you can check this out.

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